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Open call: Become part of the working group on open government

In 2012 the Government of the Republic of Moldova joined the Open Government Partnership, having implemented since then two action plans, which are based on initiatives of transparency, open data and civic participation. As a member of this global initiative, the Moldovan Government has the responsibility to develop and present in 2016 the third Action Plan for a period of two years (2016-2017). Any National Action Plan for an Open Government should be co-created with civil society and other stakeholders/relevant players as business, academic environment, citizens, etc.

In this context, the e-Government Center and the Open Government Institute launched an open call to civil society organizations and private sector representatives, independent experts, etc. to join the "Open Government Working Group," which will act as a mechanism for coordination of the open government agenda, while its members are involved at all stages of co-creation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the 3rd action plan. Responsibilities of members of this group:

  • Organization, including moderation/facilitation of co-creation and consultative sessions withthe key players in the context of development of the National Action Plan 2016-2017
  • Dissemination of information about this initiative through various media sources in order to raise awareness about importance of this Plan and the role of community’s contributions to the Plan
  • Representation of the interests of both the Government and the civil society in the National Action Plan for Open Government and to identify challenges that may arise throughout the implementation, providing support and expertise
  • Documentation of implemented practices and sharing of the results with the community involved in these processes
  • Close cooperation with the IRM independent evaluator during analysis of the results of implementation of the National Action Plan 2016-2017
  • Active participation in the works of this group both online and offline

Organisations and individuals that are interested to form this group can apply by completing this form until 30 December.

The group will be composed of seven members (individuals and legal entities). Candidates will be selected by the e-Government Center and the Open Government Institute. The first meeting of the working group is expected to be held on 10 January 2016.